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every artist was first an amateur

My humble beginnings as an amateur, had grown to become 
a pursuit of passion in the ability to create spectacular stories.

Chris Pritchard

Great memories live in the stories that create them

Every image that is taken, I believe, has a beautiful story behind it. Throughout this magazine, you'll find a collection of stories from the couples I've been honored to photograph over the years.

My journey into wedding photography began over thirteen years ago, where I fell in love with creating the art of love. Weddings allowed me to pursue my creative desire to bring a style of cinematography to still photos. Over the years, I have strived to create epic images that bring art and emotion together. Where my clients will feel the feelings of those moments years later. Timeless pictures that balance storytelling and passion inspired by movies, fine arts, fashion, and photojournalism.

Choosing me as your wedding photographer is a humbling honor to be selected and trusted. You can feel confident and excited about picking me. I bring a calm, easy-going approach that is a fun experience for my clients and results all your friends and family will envy.

To give you added confidence, I have been fortunate to photograph hundreds of weddings throughout the country and earned awards and accolades throughout the industry. As well as receive over 50 5 star reviews.

Emotion, action and reaction

Every image taken I believe has a wonderful story behind, or in my case, create the stories my clients desire. Take a look at this video to see the stories I've created.

Awards & Accolades

Having photographed hundreds of weddings, I have been fortunate to earn awards and accolades throughout the industry. My return to competition photography will resume in 2020.

2016 – PPA Bronze Medal (Professional Photographers Association)
2015 – 2nd place Wedding Category PPA District Image Competition
2014 – PPA Bronze Medal (Professional Photographers Association)
2014 – PPANE Judges Choice
2010 – PPWM West Michigan Top 5 Photographer
Guest Speaker – Winona School of Photography